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Zen Swaddle® Classic

Zen Swaddle® Classic

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Scientifically designed for self-soothing and sounder sleep. The gently weighted Zen Swaddle calms like your embrace by providing comforting pressure where babies are naturally held. This feeling of being held prevents startles, aids self-soothing, and results in deeper periods of sleep so essential for healthy development.

▪ Made with 100% natural cotton fabric.
▪ 2 swaddles in 1. Inner pouch and outer sack adapts to your newborn's growing needs.
▪ Helps them sleep through the Moro reflex.
▪ Can be wrapped with arms-in or out
▪ Eases swaddle-transition to the Zen Sack Safety:
▪ Applies gentle pressure that is tested for breathing safety
▪ Adheres to all known CPSC safety requirements
▪ Tested for suffocation hazard, pulmonologist verified
▪ Hip-healthy. Does not hinder mobility

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