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Rustic Charm

Cajun Cuties & Co Candle

Cajun Cuties & Co Candle

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Cajun Cuties & Co is our scent blend of bubbling Champagne, berries, and citrus.

It’s a perfect year round smell! 🥂🍓🍋

Also in a Wax Melt & Room/Car Spray

Some specifics on our 12 oz. soy-blend candles:

  • Burn time of approximately 60-80 hours.
  • We recommend burning your candle for at least 2-4 hours each time you light it for optimal longevity and quality of the burn.
  • We use a soy blend candle wax in our candles. This proprietary blend allows for a clean and safe burning candle with optimal scent throw and burning time. M
  • Our fragrance oils are derived from essential oils and are tested safe for use in candles.
  • Please note that due to individual hand pouring, the color may vary slightly from candle to candle.


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